English 101: College Writing

Instructor: Tammy White

Sections: 27 & 31 MW 3:30 pm, MW 6:00 pm


Semester: Fall 1998

Office Hours: 104 Leonard, MW 2 – 3:30pm and by appointment

E-mail: twhite@grove.iup.edu

Web page: http://members.tripod.com/~whitet/index-14.html


Course Goals

College Writing gives students the opportunity for extensive practice in expository writing. The course emphasizes the writing process and concentrates on the organization and development of ideas in written work and on responding to reading. This course also incorporates the use of computer technology. Through access to the World Wide Web students will learn to use hypertext, on-line periodicals, and synchronous dialogues.

Course Text  and Supplies

The Celestine Prophecy, available at the HUB bookstore and most others.

• 3 1/2" computer disks--Several needed for saving class work. Never use your friend's disk, or let your friends borrow yours in this course.

• Xeroxing--Students will be responsible for paying to copy articles and drafts           of papers.

• Assorted handouts--Provided by the instructor.


Course Assignments

Papers - As a class, we will each write five papers including a web page.  The first paper will be written on the book, The Celestine Prophecy.

Peer Review and Collaboration - Each student will xerox five copies of each essay to share with an in-class reading group. Individual readers will submit response evaluation forms to the author for use in the revision process. In addition, all papers posted on the World Wide Web will have a peer response form attached to them. This feedback will be e-mailed to the author.

Web Page- Your web page will count as one of the five papers for the course.  To help us build our web pages, will be using a free web page builder on the Internet called Tripod.


Course Work

• Students are expected to actively participate in all class activities. This means cooperating with other students, thoroughly completing class assignments, and regularly speaking during discussions.

• Always bring a computer disk to class.

• All course papers must be word processed unless otherwise noted.

• The software we will be using for the course is Microsoft Word for Windows.   It is your responsibility to see to it that any work done elsewhere is compatible with this software program. I recommend that you use McElhaney 113 computer lab to work on papers outside of class time.

• A hard copy printout of all assignments must be turned in to the instructor at the time they are due. So, make sure that you save and print all your e-mail, as well as all other written materials. You should also keep a hard copy of everything you do so if your work is "somehow" lost you have something to show the instructor.

• Failure to turn in one or more of the graded assignments during the semester will result in an automatic failing grade for the course, regardless of the grades earned on the work which was completed and turned in on time.

Course Grading

Celestine Prophecy Unit 300 points

Paper 2 100

Paper 3 100

Paper 4 200

Paper 5 200

Class Participation &

Peer Reviews 100

Total Points Possible 1000


Course Grading Scale

900-1000     A

800-899        B

700-799        C

600-699         D


Paper Revisions

Revising is an essential part of the writing process, so if you are not satisfied with your grade, you may rewrite the paper. If your revision deserves a higher grade than you originally received, the new grade will replace the original one.

 In order for a rewrite to be acceptable, it must be turned in within one week of its being returned to you. (For example, if you get the paper back on Monday it must be turned in no later than the following Monday.) To get credit for a rewrite, you must turn in:

• the original paper

• the response and grade sheet

• the revised paper

• one full page which explains in detail the changes you have made and why

If any of these criteria are not met, the rewrite will be returned to you unread and ungraded. Rewrites will not be read if they miss their deadlines (within one week of being returned to you) or if they are missing any of the required documents.

Course Attendance

Class attendance is required since coming to class is the only way students can successfully complete the course. University policy also requires that you attend class. Attendance will be taken each time the class meets. Excused absences will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances, such as medical problems or family crisis. Accumulating more than 3 un-excused absences will negatively impact your grade. If you accumulate 6 absences you will be in danger of failing the course.


Course Misconduct

Students caught cheating, plagiarizing, or in some other way violating IUP policies will be disciplined accordingly, including potentially failing the course or being expelled from the university. This will be discussed in some detail in class and you should consult The Source or the IUP Undergraduate Catalog for guidelines on these topics.


Course Deadlines

Paper deadlines announced in class have precedence over those found in this syllabus. To be fair to all students and to provide adequate grading time for the instructor, all students are required to meet the instructor’s announced paper deadlines. Papers turned in after the class deadline for collection will be docked one letter grade per class session they are late. Exceptions to this rule will only be made at the instructor’s discretion in extenuating circumstances. Software incompatibility or improperly saved work are not viable reasons for not having your work ready to turn in on time.


Course Schedule & Disclaimer

Please refer to the calendar handouts given to you during the first week of the semester. While this course schedule is as accurate as possible, all dates are subject to change without notice. Other information contained within the syllabus, such as grading criteria, may be changed as necessary by the instructor to suit the educational needs of the students enrolled in this course.