Curriculum Vitae

 Tammy S. Winner- White


Ph.D. in Progress - English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Merit Scholar, Awarded Academic Scholarship, Graduate Assistantship and Teaching Associate Position. Course work completed Fall 1997 (4.0 GPA). Comprehensive exams successfully completed February 1998 (three areas of examinations: Composition theory, Linguistics, and Computers & Literacy). Dissertation in progress.

Master of Arts - English, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Awarded Teaching Assistantship and Academic Scholarship.

Master of Education-Interdisciplinary/English, Frostburg University, Frostburg, MD

Awarded Graduate Research Assistantship. September 1991- May 1993

(concurrently earned Masters)

Master of Business Administration, Technical Writing Option, Frostburg University

Awarded Graduate Assistantship. September 1991-December 1993.

 Bachelor of Science-Journalism, West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV, August 1986 -May 1991.

Additional Professional Training

 Distance Educator, Teletraining Institute, Oklahoma State University,

Stillwater, OK, Summer 1994. Completed extensive training under the program "Teletechniques: Skills for Distant Education Instructors." Completion of this program led me to study and teach instructional design techniques which can be employed when teaching learners who are at a distance through the use of various on-line technologies.


Grant Writer, Carnegie Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA location. Member of the Carnegie Foundation and participant of grant writing seminars. Awarded $7,000 faculty professional development committee grant from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Spring 1997. Funds were used to train current Indiana University of Pennsylvania English faculty in the areas of distance learning and distance education through a series of workshops.

Awards and Research Assistantships

Indiana University of Pennsylvania , Teaching Associate (1997- Current), Graduate Research Assistantship, (1996-97), English Department Merit Scholarship, (1996-97), Teaching Excellence travel awards received Spring 1998.

As a graduate assistant under the direction of Dr. Dan Tannacito, I collaborated with him to write and administer a grant funded project designed to deliver a series of faculty workshops on distance education. The four workshops introduced distance learning to the faculty and gave them exposure to many forms of electronic literacy. As a teaching associate at IUP, I have been developing and implementing a series of writing intensive assignments that use the World Wide Web, email, and UseNet groups in my English 101 course. Recently, I was funded by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Graduate School to travel to Chicago and Florida to present the innovative teaching practices that I've been implementing in my classrooms at IUP.


Carnegie Mellon University, English Department Scholarship, 1996

As a teaching associate at CMU, I was honored to teach in a state of the art computer lab. In doing so, I became interested in the ways in which various forms of electronic literacy can facilitate the writing process.

Frostburg State University, Research Assistantship. For eighteen months I worked with Dr. Peggy Dalton, Chair of the Economics Department and Director of the Center for Regional Progress. My duties were to act as the editor of The Regional Review a quarterly newsletter covering regional economics. As editor I wrote news items about the regional economy, collected and maintained regional data bases, analyzed regional socio-economic data, and designed and desktop published an 8-page quarterly newsletter. I also wrote and set up a business plan that turned the newsletter from a nonprofit to a profit venture thus freeing up some of the Center's funding in order to purchase the US Census data on CD-ROM. Fall 1992 - Summer 1993


Frostburg State University, Teaching Assistant- English Department. Under the direction of Dr. Betty Favre, I adapted her traditional lectures into computer mediated lectures using PowerPoint interactive presentation software and a variety of other on-line communications. The new lecture format allowed Dr. Favre and I to use these lecture materials to reach distance learners while teaching Business Writing in the FSU Distance Learning laboratory. Fall 1994-Fall 1995.

Research Interests & Papers

 I am interested in the relations that obtain between writers and computer-mediated communication (CMC). Specifically, I'm interested in how traditional pedagogy, with regard to teaching writing skills, can be enhanced by using the World Wide Web (WWW) and other forms of electronic communication to bring readers and writers together in a neutral space that has no geographic limitations. My interest in distance education pedagogy has moved me to inquire and study: the history of composition studies, how writers develop and deliver an argument, how writers use CMC as a voice, and how composition teachers can use various forms of electronic communication to further the goals of their writing classrooms. To explore these interests, I've written and presented papers asking the following questions:

 "Reading Between the Code: The Teaching of HTML and the Displacement of Writing Instruction." Computers & Composition, (forthcoming article, December, 1999).

 "<b>How do we do this?</b>Teachers collaborating on the Web." Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, 9th International Conference, Washington, D.C., panel presentation March 1998. Proceedings published in Technology & Teachers Education Journal SITE Annual 1998.


"Cyberhetoric: Evaluating Web-Based Writing in Freshman Composition," A panel presentation at the Pennsylvania college of English Association, Dubois, PA, March, 1998.

 "Sharing our Stories: Distance Learning and The Teaching of English," Roundtable discussion, College Composition and Communication Conference (CCCC) Chicago, IL, April, 1998.

 "Re-Booting Your Classroom: An Introductory Workshop on Electronic Pedagogy" accepted to be presented at the 14th Computers and Writing Conference, Gainsville, FL, May, 1998.

 "Web-Pages in Freshman Composition?" Accepted to be presented at the 13th Anniversary conference of Rhetoric Society of America, June 1998.

 "An Inquiry into Reflective Thinking as a Pedagogical Practice: The Dax Cowart Case Study" written for Dr. Linda Flower, Carnegie Mellon University

Question: Given the importance of reflective thinking, or of "metacognition" to the enterprise of composition and instruction (Dewey, Flower) how can reflective thinking be elicited within a given student and, if it is, what does it look like?

"Sue: A Case Study Focusing upon the use of Network and Computer Tools in the Support of a Writing Classroom." written for Dr. Chris Neuwirth, Carnegie Mellon University

Question: What resources do teachers rely on to help them incorporate the use of computers and technology into the writing classroom? - How do these various computer and on-line technologies further the goals of specific writing courses? -Under what conditions do teachers rely on traditional means of teaching instead of using available computer and on-line technologies?

 "Depicting Narrative Time in Linear Space: A Discourse Analytical Glance at the Soap Opera Form as Realized on the World Wide Web" written for Dr. Paul Hopper, Carnegie Mellon University.

Question: Upon what grounds may one resolve the complete lack of thematic development, topicalization, or any means of cohesion or coherence in the text with the notion of a narrative -- that is, of developing a story? Presented at the Madison Conference, April 1997.

"Identifying the Support Needs of Home Based Businesses in Western Maryland: A Report Prepared for and Funded by the Small Business Development Center of Western Maryland"

-This report identified the support needs of Home Based Businesses in Western Maryland concerning: marketing/advertising, finance, legal, accounting and family concerns.

"Vygotsky's Notion of the Zone of Proximal Development and How it Applies to Collaborative Writing Assignments Involving Native and Non-native Speakers." written for Dr. Dan Tannacito, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Question: What are the relations that obtain between Vygotsky's notion of the ZPD and a group of native speakers and non-native speakers involved in a collaborative writing assignment?

"A Micro Inquiry into the Linguistic Activities of Openings and Closings and How they Apply to On-line Discussions found on the World Wide Web."

written for Dr. Patrick Hartwell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Question: Given what is known about linguistic activity with regard to openings and closings in speech and writing, how do these activities transfer or not transfer over to the communication that takes place between two or more participants engaged in an on-line discussion on the World Wide Web? Specifically, are the traditional linguistic activities of openings and closings observed upon the material grounds of the WWW academic discussion group H-RHETOR?



 My Sister Sally, December 1996, a children's book, illustrated by A.A.Santo, seeking contract for publication.

Magazines, Newsletters & Newspapers

 R & L News, Copy Design Editor, graduate English program newsletter. Published every semester in paper and electronic formats.

 Redskins Sideliner, Business Manager, Full color, glossy magazine, published Summer of 1995. Circ. 28,000

The Regional Review, Editor, Quarterly economics newsletter published at FSU, Circ. 840

Lakeside Edition, Faculty Editor, Quarterly school newspaper, Garrett Community College

Teaching Interests

 With regard to pedagogy, I'm interested in how computer mediated communication can further the goals of traditional composition courses and composition courses offered to distance learners. I'm also interested in consulting and instructional technology, that is, I'm interested in helping others embrace the benefits of technology and how it can be used to further the goals of composition classes.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Associate Indiana University of Pennsylvania

-Currently teaching English 101 in a web-based writing environment

-Awarded "Teaching Excellence" travel funding to present innovative teaching practices at conferences listed above.


Teaching Associate- Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

-Taught Argumentation, a first-year composition course, in an experimental computer classroom: 1/96-5/96

 Senior Adjunct Instructor- Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD

-Taught Freshman English, Advanced News and Feature Writing, Advanced Composition and Contemporary Ethical Problems: 1994-Current


Half-Time Instructor- Garrett Community College, Oakland, MD

-Planned, organized and implemented instruction of English, Speech and Journalism: Fall 1993-1995


Adjunct Instructor- Allegany College, Cumberland, Maryland

-Planned, organized and implemented instruction of Business Writing and Marketing: Fall 1993-1995

Academic Service

 Distance Education Consultant, Frostburg State University, English Department and Garrett Community College, Language Arts Department. 1994-current.

 Faculty Advisor to college newspaper, Lakeside Edition, Garrett Community College, 1994-1995.

 Faculty Advisor to Maryland Student Legislator, Garrett Community College, 1994-1995

 Faculty Academic Advisor to 24 students, Garrett Community College, 1993-1995.

 Language Arts Curriculum Committee, Garrett Community College, 1993-1995.


Instructional Design & Technology Consulting

 "The English Brush up" - A 27 hour curriculum, designed to assist students who wish to accelerate their entry into college level English courses, and provide potential English 101 students the opportunity to "Brush up" on English skills that they may have forgotten. Garrett Community College, Summer 1994.

 Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) - English Instructional Designer. HCOP is a Summer Program designed to encourage financially challenged high school students to improve the quality of their writing in order to prepare for the challenges of college writing assignments. I designed an intensive six week instructional program, to be taught in a computer environment, that focused on research skills, research writing, and technical writing.

 "Life Writing" a final project designed for first-year English students at Garrett Community College. This assignment was designed to teach the pattern of narration, as well as description, and illustration. It was also an opportunity for students to consider what events, people, situations, jobs, or relationships have influenced them.

 Center for Regional Progress, Frostburg State University, 1992-current. For the past four years, I've been working with Dr. Peggy Dalton to guide the center's quarterly newsletter from a non-profit to a profit venture. I've also assisted Dr. Dalton with a number of grants and helped her to design a web site for the center.

 "Self Paced Business English" - Throughout this 15 week program students complete out-of-class assignments, write several letters, two reports and a resume with a cover letter. Students also complete in-class assignments that assure they have mastered a unit before they proceed onto the next. Since it is a self paced course, students will choose the pace in which they wish to proceed with each assignment or unit. Given the pace of the course, students will have the opportunity to finish the course early if all assignments have been completed, or to spend extra time on assignments they find difficult. Prepared for FSU, Fall 1991.


Related Professional Experience

 The Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University newspaper, circulation 18,500

-Managed Special Publication Tabs and Directed National Advertising Accounts, Aug 1990-May '91

 Broadcaster/Writer, WROG/WALI Radio, Cumberland, MD

-Wrote and recorded 60 second commercials and Read five live newscasts daily, May-June 1989

 Broadcaster/Writer, U92 FM- West Virginia University's radio station

-Wrote and read Wednesday morning news show and Broadcasted live remotes from various spots in the Morgantown area, Aug-May 1988

Computer Literacy

 DOS 2.11-6.22, CP/M, System 7, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.1 & 3.11, Windows 95, UNIX (basic), MS-Office 4.3 Professional, MS-Office 95 Professional, MS-Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus SmartSuite 3.0 & 3.1, cc:Mail 2, Lotus Notes 3.3, HotDog, ReVol Web Worker, Internet Explorer 2.0 & 3beta, NetScape Navigator 2.0, NetScape Commerce (Internet) Server, DOS & Windows FTP Software, WordPerfect Office (application set now owned by Corel, also WP5.1 DOS, Windows 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 and Windows WordPerfect Office (e-mail system), CorelDraw 3-6, PageMaker 5 (PC & Mac), PhotoShop 2.5 & 3 (PC & Mac), QuarkXpress 3.3 (PC & Mac), Novell Netware 2.0a-3.12, Windows NT Server 3.5 & 3.51,

 ComupServe DOS & WinCIM, WordStar 3CP/M - 1.5a Windows.

Memberships with Professional Organizations

 National Council of Teachers of English

College Composition and Communication

Modern Language Association

The Distance Educator

Distance Education Association of America

The Carnegie Foundation