Tripod Web Page Instructions

The first time you use Tripod you will be getting used to the 
interface and this may seem a little confusing. Relax, have fun, and 
enjoy this assignment - we are all new to this medium. Please 
complete steps 1-5 before the first time class meets in the lab.
How to build a webpage using Tripod: 
1. Go to ( to get to the World Wide Web, 
   double click on the Microsoft Internet Explorer icon. When 
   Microsoft Internet Explorer opens, type in 
   the location box.)
2. Go to the green box located in the top left corner and click on 
   "it's fast and free." At the next screen, go to Quick Page and 
   click on "First time builders wanted." When you reach the next
   screen, go to the beige box and click on "not a member." Lastly,
   go to the box that says "sign me up" and "click here."
3. Start with step #1 and fill out the member form. When you have 
   filled out all of the information click join. At this point, 
   Tripod will send you your Tripod member password to your email 
   account. (note: while you are filling out the member form you will
   be asked to pick a username for Tripod. You cannot change this 
   name after you are assigned one. It will become part of your web 
   page internet address. Some of you may experience a problem 
   choosing a name that has already been assigned. If this happens, 
   you'll be asked to click on the "back" button of Explorer and  
   choose another name. Be patient and try to use a combination of 
   letters and numbers such as your birthdate and middle or last 
4. To get your Tripod membership name and password close out of 
   Microsoft Internet Explorer and check your email for a message 
   from Tripod.
5. Read the email from Tripod and write down your password and 
   username exactly as it appears. This information is case sensitive
   so be sure to write it down correctly. Put your username and 
   password somewhere you can easily access it and bring it with you 
   to class.  
Building a web page using Tripod continued . . .
6. With your username and password in hand, go to Tripod's web site 
7. Click on "First time builders wanted" 
8. Click on "Quick Page Builder" and enter your Tripod User name and 
   password. Caution: your username and password are "case sensitive."
   This means you need to type them in exactly the way Tripod asks 
9. From this point on, read and follow the simple directions on the 
   screen to build your web page. You'll notice that the first step 
   is to establish a file name. Tripod will ask you if the file name 
   "index.html" is okay. Click on "use this filename" and proceed to 
   follow the directions. Tripod will help you through every step. 
   You can work on your Tripod webpage anywhere you have web access 
   - on or off campus. Also, take the time to read each of the 
   directions and steps that Tripod is leading you through. You'll 
   notice that every time you do something new to your page, Tripod 
   will ask you to click on "save the page." It's very important that
   you do this otherwise the changes that you make will not be saved!
   Every time you add or delete something from your web page Tripod 
   will give you the option to view the changes you have made. If you
   make a change to your page, and then view your page in Netscape, 
   be sure to click the "reload" button in order to view the changes.
To work on your page after today, go to the Tripod web address, go to housekeeper and click on "Edit/update your
site and upload new files." When you reach the list of files in
your Tripod directory, click on "edit" next to your "index.html" file. 
This will allow you to continue to edit your page. You can work on your 
webpages anywhere you have web access. If you want to do something on 
your page but you don't know how, refer to the Tripod "housekeeper" 
or to the help commands on Tripod's homepage. 

Adding Graphics to your page

To add a picture or graphic to your page, click on one of the five 
sections of your web page template, then click on "An Image." Tripod 
has some images ready for you to use in their image library. When you
see one that you want to add to your page, double click on it and it 
will be uploaded to your page. 

Downloading Graphics

To download a graphic, image, or background you want to "borrow" from
the Net: Surf the Net and find a graphic you want to put on your web 
page. When you find one that you like: put a disk in the A drive, and
using your "right" mouse button, click on the graphic, a box will 
appear, click on "save image as", make sure you save the image to the
"3  " floppy a drive", you have just downloaded a graphic from the 
web! The graphic has been saved to your disk as either a gif file or 
a jpeg file. To upload the graphic to your Tripod web account, go to 
one of the five sections that Tripod provides and click on "an image."
Next, scroll down and click on the browse button. The computer will 
give you a screen asking you which drive you want to browse in, click
on "3  " floppy a drive," and make sure you click on "all files," at
the bottom of this pop-up screen. Look for the gif or jpeg you 
downloaded from the Net in the box that appears and double click on 
it. The graphic will be uploaded to your Tripod directory. If you are 
not successful uploading a graphic to your page, click on "homepage 
housekeeper" in Tripod and follow their on-screen directions. Also, see
the "Read Me" help files located on the Tripod main page.

Tripod: Click to begin working of your web page