Getting your IUP Username and Password for Kermit E-mail
Note: In order to do this procedure you will need to know:
1. Your student ID number (which is your social security #)
2. Your birth date
3. Your I-card
Go to one of the public computer labs on campus. Follow these 
directions to get started using e-mail on the IUP VAX system. If you 
are not very familiar with computers, ask one of the lab assistants 
to assist you in finding your e-mail username and password. I suggest
you use McElhaney 113, Eberly computer lab or Johnson data center. 
1. Double click on the "Kermit 95 Admin" icon. Note: There will be 
   two Kermit icons, one is Admin. And the other is Academic.
2. At the USERNAME prompt type STUDENT and hit the enter key
3. When you are asked for your student id. # type your social 
   security # and hit enter.
4. When you are asked for a security code, type your security code 
   and hit enter. Note: your security code is the code you made up 
   to register for courses during Freshman orientation. Most likely, 
   it is your birthdate. For example, if your birthdate is March 14, 
   1971 then you would type 031471. If you have changed your security
   code to something besides your birthdate and you cannot remember 
   what it is, you will need to go to the basement of Stright Hall 
   to get a new one. 
5. After you type in your security code and hit enter, a menu will 
   appear. Choose #4 (Misc. Application) and hit enter.
6. At the next menu, choose #4 (General Computing) and hit enter.
7. At the next menu, choose #1 (Get username and password) and hit 
8. Enter the long number on the bottom of your I-card and hit enter.
9. The following information will be displayed, write it down exactly
   as it appears and put it in a place where you can easily access it
VMS password: GJGG (four letters which will id. You to the system)
Project: D146 (you'll need to type in your project to access your 
Password: g223Xsl (this is different for every student--this is just 
                  an example)
Your IUP email will be  
For example, the above email would 
You have now successfully retrieved your IUP email and temporary 
password. To exit the system hit the enter key. At the menu choose 
the . (that's a period) and hit enter. At the display box, choose Q 
to quit. 

Setting your Login.Com on the IUP VAX system
In order to send e-mail messages that are longer than 90 characters, 
you will need to set your buffer (or establish your To do
this, simply follow the directions below:
1. Double click on the Kermit 95 ACA (or academic) icon. Note: not 
2. Type your IUP username and hit enter.
3. Type your password and hit enter.
4. If this is the first time that you are using your IUP email, the 
   next screen will give you an opportunity to change your password 
   to something that you can easily remember. Your new password 
   should be a word or a combination of letters and numbers that is 
   at least 8 characters long. After you type your newly chosen 
   password in hit enter. The next line will ask you to type your 
   password again for verification. Do so, and hit enter again.
5. At the project prompt type in your project number. If you forget 
   what your project number is, hit enter and it will appear. Type it
   in and proceed.
6. You will now be a the $ prompt. 
7. At the $ prompt type Menu and hit enter
8. At the menu, choose #3 (Academic Applications) and hit enter
9. At the next menu, choose #8 (Easy install and hit enter
10. At the yes/not prompt, type the full word YES and hit enter
11. This will take you back to the menu. Choose #99 (to exit) and hit
12. At the $ prompt type @login and hit enter
13. You are now at a $ prompt and you can begin to use your IUP 
    e-mail. For specific directions on how to send and receive e-mail,
    refer to the separate handout on "using IUP e-mail." 
This handout was created by Tammy White. If you have any questions or
comments send them to 

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