Theodore Shields
Teaching Associate/
PH.D. Candidate
Department of Criminology

Course Syllabi and Class Materials

Fall 1998

Fall 1998

Tripod--Building Your Criminology Web Page

Getting Started on IUP E-mail

CR102.003, Student Designed Web Pages

CR102.004, Student Designed Web Pages

CR102.001, Spring 1999--Student Web Pages

CR102.002, Spring 1999--Student Web Pages

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Personal Information, Publications, and Presentations

Curriculum Vita:

"Social Learning Theory and the Chaotic Perspective":

"Criminology's Triad: Theory, Practice, and Classroom Instruction": (Survey included in Appendix)

"Student Advising in the Major: Advising Criminology and Criminal Justice Undergraduates": (In Progress, Survey to be added)

Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Packet: (Under Construction, Disregard the Spacing Errors)

Relevant and Interesting Links

GO2NET or Metacrawler
Searches and compiles from top search engines
Dr. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links
An impressive list of sites related to the discipline
The Onion
A bit of political/social satire
Alexa Internet
Download an internet archive search engine to find sites/pages that have otherwise disappeared
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