Teaching English Using the WWW as a Pedagogical Tool

In 1995 I taught a first-year writing course at Carnegie Mellon University
in an experimental computer lab. Since that experience, I have continued
to explore what works and what doesn't work when using the WWW as a 
pedagogical tool in an English classroom. Below you will find links to to some of my web based writing experiments. I describe my first experience teaching in a networked computer lab at Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, you can visit many student web pages. For this assignment, I asked my English 101 students to create a multi-layed text, a web page, that informed a diverse and unpredictable audience about a culture they were a part of or interested in. The last link will take you to NASA's Classroom of the Future Website. I act as an Educational Consultant for this project.  If you want to talk 
about using the web in your English classes, or if you want to share
your teaching experiences with me, please send me email! I'm still
questioning the effectivness of using the web in my writing intensive
courses, but I'm convinced that as an English teacher it's my job to
teach some degree of electronic literacy. 

Tammy White

Ph.D. Candidate, Rhetoric & Linguistics
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Please send me comments, questions and ideas

Links to Web Based Teaching Experiments

Carnegie Mellon University -- Experimental Classroom
As a Teaching Assistant at CMU, I was given the opportunity to teach in an experimental computer classroom. Click here to read about the classroom design and the web based projects that I designed
IUP English 101 -- Student Web Pages
Click here to view student web pages about their culture or a culture they were interested in.
NASA - Classroom of the Future (COTF)
I act as a consultant on this project.

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