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Student Web Pages

Tara Breneisen: The Beatles
Shanthira Pal: Mayan Culture
Justin Mayer: Ski Culture
Patrick McNulty: Hot Rod Culture
Dana Berkey: Japanese Culture
Stephanie Kish: Cheerleading Culture
Travis Livengood: The Cival War Culture
Jim Aguzzi: Phish Music
Jessie Lauer: Irish Culture
Sze Man Chan: Hong Kong
Jay Shook: Hip Hop Culture
Rob Fatula: Mountain Biking
Jon Britton: Dragons
Jason Demuth: 4 Wheelers Culture
John Troup: Irish Culture
LeAnn Nicholson: The Beatles
Joy Gustkey: The "Jim Carrey" Culture
Beth Doeing: Appaloosa Horses
Sarah Simpson: Kermit the Frog
Nick Margie: Spice Girls
Jon Sprankle: Internet Addiction
Jason Cramer: Norway
Brian Meier: Jimmy Buffett
Carrie Srsic: The Amish Culture
Tommy Smee: College Football Culture
Chris Rohr: Marching Band Culture
Maura Hutzel: Vegans -- Vegetarian Culture
Jenna Duffy: Irish Culture
Katie Kuhns: Spain
Amy Deedy: Ska Culture
Beth Yost: Lutheran Religion
Michalle Oblinsky: Elvis is Dead
Leslie Carson: Walt Disney Co.
Damien A. Hallman: Rap & Hip Hop Culture
Eric Krause: Marathon Running
Jon Sparrow: African American Culture
Jarrod Markley: College Student Culture
Chantal Habets: Spain
Melissa Egger:
Chad Berner: Nerd Culture
Denise Lanyon: Incan Civilization
Lindsay Smith: Charles Manson Cult Culture
Holly Tedesco: Professional Wrestling
Sara Kiessling: World Wrestling Federation
Karen Hamel: Subcultures of IUP: Cogswell Hall
Jonathon Gross: The Mobb
Erin Wanick: Swahili Culture

Tammy White
Ph.D. Candidate, Rhetoric & Linguistics
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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