Paper 4 - English 101, IUP, T. White

Paper 4

English 101

T. White




As promised, your fourth writing assignment will be chosen by
you. That is, I will provide you with a list of options, and you can
decide how you want to complete this assignment. Please
donít be limited by the options that I give you. If you have an
idea that I havenít listed, we can discuss it! 


As part of this assignment, you will be asked to post a one
page proposal to our usenet group during class. The proposal
should describe what you are planning to write about and how
you plan on presenting the material (i.e. one of the six listed
below or something else you propose). After I read your
proposal on the usenet, I will ask to meet with you to discuss
your paper further. As part of your class participation, and as a
way to gather ideas, you will be asked to go to the usenet
group after everyone has posted their proposals and read at
least ten paper proposals. 


Here are some ideas for your fourth writing assignment. Each
of these ideas will be discussed in class.


   1.Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the main
     points of the web page you created for this class. 


   2.Write a paper that is web based with at least ten
     hyperlinks embedded in it to other sites on the Net. I
     wrote a paper like this titled, "Who Cares About My
     Theory of Writing and Technology?" and you can view it
     as an example of what a hypertext looks like at:

     This paper can be on the same topic as your web page.
     That way, you can use the information on your web page
     as a resource, and then link your paper to your web page
     after you write it!


   3.Write a traditional 500 word argumentative essay. 
   4.Do an analysis of one of your favorite cartoons 
   5.Do an analysis of one of your favorite songs 
   6.Write a poem and include a critical analysis of your
     poem writing process